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Once you learn to ride a bike and the training wheels come off, it becomes second nature. Whether you’re pedaling down Pacific Coast Highway on a beach cruiser, battling cars on a road bike, or tearing down cliffsides on a mountain bike, the act of cycling feels so natural. Bicycles are engrained in most cultures, […]
The great fashionistas of the world have likely pondered how to maintain a vegan lifestyle, look stylish and cute, and keep the bank healthy. Simultaneously. Granted, it seems like an insurmountable challenge. However, it’s easy to do all three and more, when you are familiar with the how-to run-down. A key thing chic style aficionados […]
The leather industry is experiencing an all-time low as more consumers than ever before are turning to animal-free leather alternatives, BloombergQuint reports. More shoppers are actively avoiding purchasing products made with leather and fur due to concern for animal and environmental welfare. Jocelyn Thorton, senior vice president of creative services at the retail and fashion advisory […]
Two entrepreneurs have partnered to develop a breakthrough new vegan leather-style product using the cell wall of coconut water and banana fibre that would otherwise be discarded — tackling the unsustainable leather industry and the global food waste issue all at once. Susmith Suseelan, an experienced product designer, teamed up with designer and material researcher […]
Researchers at Ohio State University have developed a new type of leather that is both animal-free and water-repellent. Synthetic leather has long been reputable for being more “sticky,” than genuine leather, as high temperatures make the plastic surface become soft. But the new, vegan material is said to be able to prevent things from sticking […]
British interior designer Helen Winters has just become the first in the UK to be certified for her use of vegan, cruelty-free leather. According to a press release, Winters received official certification from – a US-based website that acts as a platform for all things related to affordable vegan interior design – for offering leather-free options for clients at […]

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