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Easy, Affordable 1-Minute Plant-Based Meals Are Here

Easy, Affordable 1-Minute Plant-Based Meals Are Here

More than 40 percent of Americans are willing to reduce their meat intake, adopting flexitarian or fully vegan diets. A recent study found nearly 59 percent of Americans eat a plant-based meal at least...

You Can Now Buy Vegan Tuna at Walmart

Vegan meat brand Loma Linda Foods launched a new line of vegan tuna, in partnership with Walmart, adding to the leading supermarket's already wide range of vegan food. The new range includes tinned vegan tuna...
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Southern California’s Loma Linda University to Offer Ph.D. in Plant-Based Nutrition

Loma Linda University's School of Public Health, based in San Bernardino County in California, is set to offer a Nutrition Ph.D. program with an advanced research focus in plant-based nutrition. Led by Sujatha Rajaram, Ph.D., the new program is...