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Thirty-six percent of Londoners are reducing their meat intake, according to a recent survey by lifestyle magazine, Time Out London. “A vegan fish and chip shop, a totally vegan pub and a vegan fried chicken shop are just some of the trendy vegan joints that have popped up in London over recent years – and it seems demand […]
A proposed London Underground advertisement for food delivery company Farmdrop was rejected for containing images of bacon, butter, eggs, and jam. A new junk food ban is in place on Transport for London (TfL) trains and platforms, and Farmdrop’s ad did not comply with the regulations, the BBC reports. Introduced last month, TfL’s ban — […]
Daniel Bedford — a London-based taxi-driver — is driving his passengers from A to B in a cab that runs entirely on renewable, vegan energy. Bedford, who has driven taxis for 16 years, traded in his traditional fuel-powered car for an electric cab last year. He hasn’t had any complaints from passengers, who seem to […]
There is a thriving subterranean farm powered by renewable energy in an old World War II bunker in South London, 108 feet below the pavement. The farm is completely temperature-controlled, allowing for Growing Underground to hand-deliver fresh microgreens such as pea shoots, red amaranth, fennel, and mustard leaves to local restaurants and retailers year-round. Seeds […]
Popular Brixton pub The Queen’s Head is making its menu completely vegan, as the establishment becomes the new home of Picky Wops, a plant-based Italian pizza pop-up. Picky Wops – a conscious reclaiming of the word “Wop,” a derogatory term for Italians – will take over the pub’s kitchen permanently, and serve authentically Italian, plant-based […]