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Asda Launches Vegan Heart-Shaped Crumpets for Valentine's Day

Asda Launches Vegan Heart-Shaped Crumpets for Valentine’s Day

PSA - Asda is selling vegan heart-shaped crumpets that are pretty much perfect for Galentine's Day afternoon tea. The vegan-friendly themed crumpets are apparently part of a trend with Asda; ghost-shaped crumpets on Halloween, Christmas-tree...
WIP Vegan Pink ‘Love, Oreos’ Launch Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Vegan Pink ‘Love, Oreo’ Cookies Launch Just In Time for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is on its way. And what better way to celebrate than with pink love-themed vegan Oreos. The limited edition loved-up snacks, called "Love, Oreo," feature a pink dairy-free creme- filling and are described by the...

Vegan Aussie Launches a Dating Website With Only Him on It

Brandon Cowan, a 24-year-old animal lover from Sydney, has launched his own dating website named "Date Brandon." Cowan notes that although it is not mandatory, his ideal woman would follow either a vegetarian or...