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93% of Barrier Reef Catchments Destroyed By the Beef Industry

94% of Destroyed Great Barrier Reef Catchments Caused By the Beef Industry

(Updated October 29, 2019). Beef production is responsible for more than 94 percent of destroyed Great Barrer Reef catchments, according to a report by The Wilderness Society. The new spatial data analysis finds beef production...
Melbourne City Council Ditches Meat On Mondays

Melbourne City Council Ditches Meat On Mondays

Melbourne’s Moreland City Council is participating in Meat Free Mondays. The decision has received positive feedback from environmentalists and criticism from the struggling Australian meat industry. All Moreland City Council -- which governs a Northern central...

Viewers Turning Vegan After Watching Australia’s New Lamb Ad

On 10th January, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) did the vegan movement a great service. The meat company released an advertisement for lamb, that was so shockingly awful, it seems to have persuaded some viewers...