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The United Nations (UN) has warned that the meat-focused English diet is “unviable.” According to the UN Environment, Brits need to reconsider their eating habits, steering away from traditional beef roasts and other meat-centric dishes. “For a host of environmental and health reasons, we need to view food differently,” it noted. The organization drew on a report […]
According to Ethan Brown, the founder of Beyond Meat, 93 percent of people purchasing the Beyond Burger are not vegan or vegetarian. In a recent interview with CNBC, Brown revealed that most of the customers purchasing the brand’s plant-based patty – which looks, cooks, and tastes like beef – are actually meat-eaters. People are even […]
More meat eaters are choosing vegan food. Research from market insight company Kantar has found that 92 percent of plant-based meals were eaten by non-vegans last year in the UK. “Veganism seems to be having a moment, with plant-based eating enjoying various celebrity endorsements and a ton of social media buzz,” Kantar wrote. In 2018, 4.4 billion […]
France’s new health guidelines stand in contrast to the French diet, often called the “French Paradox,” for its notorious indulgence in rich animal-based foods like foie gras and cheese, regular consumption of alcohol, and dairy- and sugar-laden desserts. And while the French have largely maintained good health on this diet over the years compared with […]
Dutch people are turning away from meat more than ever. More than 30 percent of people say they have lowered their meat consumption significantly, according to research A study of 20,000 individuals revealed that one in three Dutch cut down on steak and burgers last year, according to research from Nu. Plant-based food is increasingly popular: […]

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