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The ABP Group, one of Europe’s leading meat processors, is set to launch vegan burgers backed by a £250,000 marketing campaign. Called Equals, the new meat-free food is made from soy and pea protein and was developed to have a “texture and flavour to equal the meat-eating experience” that will “meat reducers and non-meat eaters alike,” […]
A new short documentary exposes what life is like on a factory farm. Called “M6NTHS,” the 12-minute film follows the life of a piglet born into the meat industry. The film is free to watch, but may be hard to watch for some people, especially children. The film does not hide what pigs on factory […]
“Soaring” staff shortages have resulted in roughly 10,000 posts being unfilled at major slaughterhouses, reports British farming industry magazine Farmers Weekly. The shift in the industry could cause animal protein companies to “seriously struggle” to complete Christmas orders, an industry leader said. The shortage of workers has become more severe in the last 12 months, […]
Over a fifth of meat samples in the UK contain at least one type of animal not specified on the label, reports the BBC. A total of 487 businesses took part in the tests, including restaurants and supermarkets. Out of 665 meat samples collected across the UK, 145 either contained traces of unspecified meat or […]
Major U.S. chicken, turkey, and pork processing company Perdue Farms Inc. is looking into adding vegan protein to its product lineup. Speaking to American monthly trade publication, IndustryWeek, company chairman Jim Perdue said: “Our vision is to be the most trusted name in premium protein. It doesn’t say premium meat protein, just premium protein. That’s where consumers […]
UK lamb meat sales are experiencing a low, says a new report by Kantar Worldpanel, an international company that provides consumer knowledge and insights. This is largely thanks to a growing group of young conscious consumers who are rejecting meat-based dishes in favor of vegan food. According to data collected, all but one form of lamb […]
A member of the National Pork Board (NPB), an organization formed to promote pork meat through advertising and research, has admitted that vegan meat tastes like the real thing. Jarrod Sutton, the vice president of marketing at NPB tried the Impossible Burger and Beyond Sausage at a Whole Foods in Boulder, Colorado. Speaking to publication Pork […]