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UK supermarket ‘Iceland’ has stopped its sales of kangaroo meat following a campaign by animal activists, the Mirror reports. Pressure from group Viva, who has campaigned against the cruel practices of kangaroo hunting, has already resulted in various other large names dropping the product. Iceland now joins Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons in the ethical move. […]
Farm Journal’s ‘PORK‘ industry magazine recently published an article about LA’s vegan school program, urging that the meat industry “does need to watch – and take a proactive stand against” these actions. The program sees as many as 35 schools adopting vegan options in their cafeterias, a movement that was inspired by students who wanted […]
Australian beef and dairy farmers are “facing a growing threat” from the rising vegan market, the Straits Times reports. An increasing number of consumers are “abandoning meat” to adopt vegan eating habits. In fact, more Aussies than ever are thought to be ditching meat and dairy, as roughly 2 million of the population follow plant-based […]
Media outlet, Quartz, has named a prominent vegan brand in its ‘most underrated scientific breakthroughs of 2017’. Beyond Meat, creator of the vegan ‘bleeding’ burger which tastes, looks and feels just like a beef patty featured on the list, due to its accomplishments in mainstream stores. Chase Purdy comments that this year the brand ‘made […]
A new Netflix series exploring the corruption and concerning practices of the food industry is set to air in early 2018. Rotten will be available on the streaming site as of January 5th next year and will take the form of a six-part series. The trailer appears to focus heavily on animal agriculture and the […]
Global Meat News is probably the last website anyone would expect to find compliments on the vegan food industry. However, it seems that the world’s meat industry can no longer deny or ignore the massive growth seen by plant based products. In a recently published article by Global Meat News, author Oscar Rousseau discusses the “wake up call” […]
Leading U.K newspaper, The Independent, has featured an opinion piece calling for the UK to end the meat and dairy industry altogether. In response to the recent announcement that all slaughterhouses in England will have CCTV the paper supports this move but questions why we want to kill animals at all.  In possibly the boldest […]