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California-based Alpha Foods — which specializes in vegan meaty burritos, as well as nuggets and pot pies — has raised $7 million in seed investment funding. The funding, led by New Crop Capital and AccelFood’s, will help the brand extend its reach and continue its mission to make meat-free eating seem accessible, convenient, and desirable. […]
More than half of Brits are willing to change their lifestyles in order to combat climate change. According to a new survey of 3,000 people — conducted by Modular Classrooms,  which specializes in building sustainable, eco-friendly classrooms — 57 percent of the UK population are willing to eat less meat and reduce how often they […]
Updated April 14, 2019. Brits love vegan chicken. They love vegan chicken so much that KFC — the biggest fried chicken chain in the world — recently revealed it would be launching a vegan option this year in the UK in order to cater to demand. In the supermarkets, there are already a number of […]
TruTV’s comedy series “Adam Ruins Everything” starring Adam Conover has exposed the meat industry’s bacon “conspiracy.” The series also runs on Netflix. The show is based on a YouTube series on CollegeHumor of the same name, also starring Conover. In an episode from earlier this year, entitled “How Big Meat Made Bacon a Meme,” Conover […]
Thirty-six percent of Londoners are reducing their meat intake, according to a recent survey by lifestyle magazine, Time Out London. “A vegan fish and chip shop, a totally vegan pub and a vegan fried chicken shop are just some of the trendy vegan joints that have popped up in London over recent years – and it seems demand […]