In a new feature named The rise of the vegans – Are we falling out of love with meat?, Ceren Senkul of Sky News has encouraged people to give plant based eating a try. The article links the rise of veganism across the globe with the rise of the internet, stating that ‘the internet means […]
Earlier this year, esteemed medical practitioner, Dr. Michael Greger, claimed that switching to a plant based diet was the equivalent of quitting smoking. So, if going vegan can do so much good for your body, does that mean eating meat and smoking can do equal amounts of damage? The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) […]
‘Clean meat‘ has made news many times this year, making leaps and bounds in development and also receiving investment from some big names. Clean meat involves growing muscle tissue identical to animal tissues from stem cells. Although there is some debate about where lab-grown meat fits in with a vegan lifestyle, due to the fact that […]
In an academic article recently published in the Journal of Feminist Geography, Anne DeLassio-Parson has argued that eating meat upholds the patriarchy and refusing to eat it can be deemed an act of feminism. DeLassio-Parson, who is a sociology professor at Pennsylvania State University, spoke with vegetarian Argentinian men to understand how not eating meat […]
Vegan Portlanders looking for a good spot to go with non-vegan friends for late-night eats and drinks can check out the new Thunderbird — the eighth bar from the Lightning Bar Collective, opening in the city tomorrow. The restaurant and bar will feature some expected and vegan-friendly gastropub bar eats including a number of vegan barbecue […]
Just a day after it was announced that Maple Leaf Foods, Canada’s largest packaged meat company, will acquire vegan meat brand Field Roast for $120 million, the Seattle-based grain meat producer says customers — and employees — have its word that Field Roast will remain a vegan and mission-driven company. “Dear Field Roast Friends, I […]
2017 has seen the rise of many meat substitutes, proving that to have a vegan diet you don’t have to take all your inspiration from a guinea pig. Big lump of hay with a side of carrot and kale anyone? No disrespect to the latter, but we’ll decline the hay, thanks. Back in October, the […]
Maple Leaf Foods Inc, the largest distributor of packaged meats in Canada, has announced it has purchased U.S. vegan meat producer, the Field Roast Grain Meat Co, for $120 million. Michael McCain, Maple Leaf Foods’ CEO, said this move is part of the company’s shift toward achieving its vision of becoming a leader in sustainable protein. […]