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A Bristol-based entrepreneur is launching a new vegan grooming range, Kings. Twenty percent of the profits from the new range will be donated to men’s mental health charities. Founder, Blue O’Connor, has always struggled with mental health problems; however, in his mid-twenties, his anxiety began to worsen, and he started to suffer from panic attacks. […]
New research on the impacts our daily dietary choices have on our risk factors for mental health issues points to the benefits of a plant-based or vegan diet in mitigating depression, particularly in elderly individuals. The new study, conducted by researchers at Rush University Medical Center, found that older adults were less prone to symptoms […]
We know the benefits that a plant-based diet can have on the planet and our bodies. But what about our minds, and our capacity to commit crime? Pennsylvania state prisons, from November, will start monitoring the change in behaviour of 200 volunteer inmates at each facility as they transition to a plant-based diet. This ‘experiment’ […]
Updated April 16, 2019. Feeling of anxiety are like unwanted house guests that move in for days too long. They are experienced by many, and are a prominent issue within society. While it can be easy as pie to eat our feelings with processed comfort food, in the long run these foods can make you feel […]
Not long ago we had the chance to catch up with YouTuber, Rhian HY (aka WIFELIFE). Amongst other things, Rhian’s area of expertise lies predominantly within vegan & cruelty free living; which in itself can say a lot about a person. Rhian has (and still does) struggle with mental health issues including depression and anxiety; both […]

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