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A survey conducted by the Plant Based Foods Association, an organization that works to remove obstacles for vegan businesses to prompt a fair and competitive marketplace, has revealed that 78 percent of consumers who drink cow’s milk also use the term “milk” for dairy-free beverages. “Alternative names for #plantbased milks are confusing and unnecessary,” wrote […]
The Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) lobby group testified on milk labeling issues at a Food and Drug Association (FDA) public meeting about modernizing standards of identity and labeling for milk. PBFA urged the regulatory agency to consider that “there’s room for everyone” in the “dairy” category. “American consumers are sophisticated and well informed. Consumers who purchase […]
Canadians are drinking significantly less milk than they once did, according to new data obtained by Statistics Canada. The report, analyzed by CBC News, focuses on food availability in Canada since 1960, which is measured as the total retail weight of foods divided by the population. The data shows that nearly 60 years ago there were […]
US burger chain Smashburger has launched a new alternative menu in UK locations featuring the vegan “Alternative Burger” and three vegan milkshakes. Created by The Not Beef Burger Co, the new 92-calorie vegan patty is made from a variety of plant-based ingredients, including mushrooms, kidney beans, chickpeas, beetroot, golden beets, bulgur wheat, and soybeans. The alternative […]
FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb says the agency will not follow through with enforcing legislation to change the definition of milk without “a deliberate process.” Gottlieb’s statement, that was made to The Hagstrom Report, refers to a debacle between the dairy industry and plant-based companies about whether vegan products should be labeled with names conventionally connotated […]
The world’s leading chocolate supplier, Barry Callebaut, based in Zurich, has announced plans to focus on its new dairy-free line, Pathway, in a bid to keep up with consumer demand for vegan products. Although the Swiss supplier does carry dairy-free chocolate already, the market is ideal for expansion, maintains the company. “The sector has evolved […]

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