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Joining the likes of other British supermarkets, Morrisons is now stocking its own-brand vegan Red Leicester cheese slices. Dairy-based Red Leicester cheese is made in a similar way to cheddar but is typically more moist, crumbly, and holds a milder flavour. Morrisons’ dairy-free Red Leicester cheese, which is made using coconut oil and potato starch, contains […]
Morrisons now carries vegan mozzarella sticks. Sold under the supermarket’s V Taste range, the No-Moozarella Sticks feature dairy-free cheese made from a blend of coconut oil and potato starch encased in a crispy parsley breadcrumb coating. It comes in a pack of eight and costs just £2.50. According to Morrisons, the new vegan party snack […]
Pizza lovers in the UK won’t be going hungry any time soon. Leading supermarket chain Morrisons has launched its very own vegan Margherita pizza, adding to its growing list of plant-based options. The tomato and basil pizza is topped with dairy-free cheese made from coconut oil and sits on a crisp stone-baked base made from […]
Leading UK supermarket chain Morrisons is offering a vegan version of Christmas pigs-in-blankets this year with its Veggies in Blankets. The product features a “blend of tomato, potato, mushroom and basil” wrapped in aubergine, and offer a more sustainable and healthy alternative to pigs-in-blankets. Tesco recently found that Brits prefer Brussels sprouts to the traditional, red meat Christmas food which involves […]

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