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Morrissey Urges Canada Goose to Ditch Down

Morrissey Urges Canada Goose to Ditch Down

In the lead-up to his Canadian tour this spring, vegan musician Morrissey teamed up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest animal rights organization in the world, to urge winter...
Singer Morrissey Urges Meat-Heavy Chile to Add Vegan Meals to School Lunch Programs for Student Health

Morrissey Urges Meat-Loving Chile to Add Vegan Lunch Options in Schools

British singer Morrissey is urging Chile's public school system to offer vegan lunch options to improve student health and benefit the planet. Chilean magazine AR13 reports that the vegan singer penned a letter to Jaime Tohá, director...

Vegan Singer Morrissey Urges Irish Minister to Outlaw Fur Farming

Former frontman of The Smiths, singer-songwriter Morrissey, has written a letter to the Irish Minister for Agriculture, Food, and the Marine requesting that fur farming be outlawed in Ireland. The letter, that was written on...