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Cellular Agriculture Company Mosa Meat Raises $8.8 Million to Bring Lab-Grown Meat to Market

Netherlands-based food tech company Mosa Meat has raised $8.8 million as reported by The Wall Street Journal. The funding will aid the company in its effort to launch its clean meat beef burgers to market by 2021....
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Clean Duck and Chicken Meat Could Hit Stores This Year

Updated May 8, 2019. Clean chicken and duck meat might be available in stores as early as 2021. The lab-grown meat is made by San Leandro-based brand Memphis Meats. The Bill Gates-backed company unveiled its...

“Clean Meat” Brand Set to Hit High-End Restaurants

Mosa Meat is an upcoming meat-alternative aiming to “disrupt” the $1 trillion meat market, as reported by Food Navigator. The brand is part of the revolution of greener, cleaner eating, “driven by desire to...