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These 4 Countries Just Formed the Vegan World Alliance

These 4 Countries Just Formed the Vegan World Alliance

Four countries have united to form the Vegan World Alliance (VWA). The group aims to promote vegan values on a global scale. The VWA consists of four activist groups: the Dutch Association for Veganism, the...
Flexitarians Are Driving Brisbane's Booming Vegan Scene

Flexitarians Are Driving Brisbane’s Booming Vegan Scene

Plant-based options are on the rise in Queensland's cosmopolitan capital, Brisbane, with flexitarians the "main reason" for the booming vegan scene, The Source News reports. "Flexitarian" is someone who consumes animal products but makes an effort to...

Women Are Linking Feminism to Veganism More Than Ever

On International Women’s Day, Israel's longest-running print newspaper, Haaretz, explored the “powerful connection” between the feminist and animal rights movements. Haaretz spoke with legal advisor and activist Shira Hertzano who believes there is a clear...