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bull moose sitting in field

How Moose Antlers Convinced Me to Give Up Leather and Live Beast-Free

Paris has given many gifts to the world. One of them is the opportunity for personal reflection in response to the introduction of new ideas. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier has provided one...

Vegan Shoe Brand Expands Line With Zero-Waste Slip-Ons

Native Shoes is placing themselves at the forefront of shoe innovation with a new line of zero waste, vegan slip-on shoes: the Jefferson 2.0. This new no-waste collection features high and low top styles, no...

Vegan Footwear Brand “Native Shoes” Expands to First Brick and Mortar Store

Native Shoes, a Vancouver-based, vegan footwear line has opened its first physical location today. After two months of construction, the store is open to the public, offering the brand's shoes for men, women, adults...