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Fast-casual dining chain Subway is set to participate in the Netherlands’ National “Week Without Meat” initiative, known as Nationale Week Zonder Vlees. Between the 11th and 17th of March, more than 200 Subway restaurants in the Netherlands will encourage its customers to choose plant-based foods in their sandwiches instead of animal products, FoodClicks reports. The […]
Unilever’s Dutch food brand Unox, available in the Netherlands and Belgium, is famous for its meat-heavy product line that includes canned meat, ham, and smoked sausages. But now it can add vegetarian sausages to its offerings. Unox sells 22 million animal-derived smoked sausages a year, according to data from PlusOnline. Now, the 81-year-old company is trying something […]
Dutch meat company Kips, owned by Zwanenberg Food Group, has launched its first-ever range of vegan products, including plant-based versions of liverwurst and liverwurst spread, pâté, and filet Americain (also known as steak tartare). Known primarily for its traditional liverwurst – a sausage made from liver – Kips decided to create vegan versions of its […]
A new brand of plant-based seafood called Vegan SeaStar has launched in the Netherlands. The company is a collaboration between Dutch plant-based product commercial agent, Vegan XL, and the Amsterdam-based comfort food restaurant, Vegan Junk Food Bar. According to Vegan SeaStar, the product is already available at the Marie Heinekenplein location of Vegan Junk Food Bar. It will also soon be available […]
A bike path made entirely from recycled plastic is now open to cyclers in Zwolle, a 1,300-year-old town located in the northern Netherlands. The Thomson Reuters Foundation, the philanthropic branch of Canadian global information and news network, reports that the new bike path is made from the equivalent of 500,000 plastic bottle caps. It’s estimated that the […]
There really is no such thing as “too many vegan options” and shoppers in the Netherlands are soon to realise this: one location of the supermarket chain Jumbo Foodmarkt is adding more than 30 feet of dedicated vegan shelves. The Jumbo Foodmarkt Groningen store, opened by Formula One driver Max Verstappen, already boasts the title of […]
The Dutch government is facing seminal changes in order to meet its self-imposed climate change targets. The Netherlands’ prime strategic advisory board, the Council for Environment and Infrastructure (Rli), has recommended the nation decrease its livestock population and enact new food policies promoting plant-based protein. In June, the Dutch Parliament approved a new law to […]

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