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Social justice activist, and journalist, Shaun King, has made the switch to a vegan diet according to his Facebook page. King, who is the Senior Justice Writer for the New York Daily News, informed his huge following of 1.7 million people on 5th January that it was his fourth day being vegan. He followed this […]
Starting today, 1,300 people have pledged to take on a very healthy challenge promising to eat a whole foods, plant based diet for the next ten days. Dough Schmidt is the man behind the initiative, which has been running for several years. A school teacher, Schmidt had a heart attack when he was just 49 years old, […]
The Pacific Northwest’s popular vegan burger chain Next Level Burger has announced plans to open its first east coast location in New York early next year. The restaurant will be located inside the Fort Greene 365 by Whole Foods Market in Brooklyn when it opens at the end of January. Whole Foods has put other […]
New York Times writer Kim Severson has produced an article exploring what it means to be black and in the vegan movement. Talking to influential black vegans such as Aph Ko of Black Vegans Rock, PETA columnist Zachary Toliver and chef Jenné Claiborne, Severson conveys the often forgotten story of black veganism. ‘When you say […]
Grub Street, a New York Magazine site, just published an A to V vegan encyclopedia for omnivores. And when they say encyclopedia, they aren’t exaggerating. This thing is chock full of organized, helpful vegan tips, tricks, foods, and places to eat. It doesn’t get much more thorough. And we don’t blame them for skipping W, […]
In the words of Ocean Hugger Foods, ‘Seafood is awesome, extinction is not.’ The company is on a voyage to create viable, nutritious and tasty alternatives to seafood with ACF Certified Master Chef, James Corwell, at the helm. The initiative began at a fish market in Tokyo where Corwell observed the huge amounts of tuna […]
New York entrepreneur Ravi DeRossi, plans to open multiple vegan eateries in the next two years. The first two are proposed to be 24-hour vegan diners. In a recent podcast with Nil Zacharias for #EatForThePlanet, DeRossi reveals his plans of opening 12 vegan restaurants in the next two years. DeRossi already owns 15 popular cocktail […]
New York Fashion Week is almost upon us! Where the hottest, latest and trendiest designers ‘strut their stuff.’ This event sparks change in the current fashion industry by debuting innovative new designs, sometimes-questionable products and creative ways to wear clothing. NYFW is where every blogger, fashionista and influencer wants to be. In light of Winter/Spring New […]

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