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For many, there’s just one thing standing in between them and adopting a plant-based diet: gooey, melty, stringy, and some might say, addictive, cheese. But one New Zealand startup is on a mission to remove this obstacle altogether; New Culture is working on developing its own lab-grown vegan mozzarella. According to the brand, the new […]
Online restaurant ordering and delivery service Uber Eats has launched is top 2019 food predictions for New Zealand and 95 percent of the items on the list are or can be made vegan. The Uber Eats Foodcast list, which went live last week, is the result of an analysis of nearly 10 million searches via the […]
“Plant power” is fuelling Kiwis this Christmas, Radio New Zealand (RNZ) reports, as a growing number of New Zealanders ditch meat, dairy, and eggs in favour of vegan and vegetarian food. The number of people in New Zealand searching online for vegan Christmas dinner recipes on Google, particularly in November and December, has doubled since 2004, […]
The livestock industry is pushing New Zealand to an “agricultural tipping point” and urgently needs reform, according to freshwater ecologist and author Mike Joy. Speaking to Newshub Nation, Joy explained the threat animal agriculture poses. “We need to face that we have way too many cows in this country,” he said. “It’s a crisis because we’ve got severely polluting water […]
The New Zealand government will phase-out single-use plastic bags following a consultation where 92 percent of Kiwis supported the ban. Using 750 million plastic shopping bags – 154 per person – each year, New Zealanders are responsible for one of the highest levels of urban waste in the developed world. The nation’s government took initial steps in August […]
New Zealand coconut ice cream startup Wahiki Creamery has landed a major contract in China, which will have its vegan products served in Asia’s biggest childcare center. The center – named Cathay Future and headquartered in Tianjin – is an international leader in education, with 20,000 enrolled children. Wahiki Creamery’s product was showcased at China’s […]
Jesters Pies, an Aussie-owned pie company which prides itself on being the “Home of No Ordinary Pie,” is launching its first vegan pie throughout New Zealand. Jesters New Zealand told LIVEKINDLY that it hopes to launch its first vegan pie by mid-November, but kept details under wraps. However, customers can be sure that the new plant-based offering […]
Veganism is known for uniting people in a mission of compassion, and a New Zealand church has demonstrated this in the most generous way, raising $7,000 for a vegan business owner with multiple sclerosis (MS). Northland-based Nick Cullen has suffered with primary progressive MS for four-and-a-half years. He was able to delay the progression of the disease with a special […]

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