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Domino’s Pizza New Zealand celebrated World Vegetarian Day with a social media announcement sure to please its vegan pizza fans. Following the success of its recent trial of Angel Food brand’s vegan cheese on select pies, the chain is making the vegan pizza range part of the permanent menu across the country known for its […]
Fine-dining and yoga retreat chef Damian Oehlrich has opened a new vegan-friendly cafe in Whanganui, New Zealand. Oehlrich’s new restaurant, which has replaces Petre Dish Cafe, joins the “up-and-coming” food scene in the North Island city. Oehlrich’s new project will focus on plant-centric meals, inspired by his personal health journey. In the early 2000s, he gave up sports […]
New Zealand-based discount supermarket chain Pak N’ Save has launched a dedicated vegan cooler. The new vegan-only section was spotted by a member of the closed Facebook group “What Vegan Kiwis Eat” at the supermarket’s Glen Innes, Auckland location. Though small, it appears to stock a wide variety of plant-based products including dairy-free coffee creamer […]
New Zealand lawmakers have made history by passing a ban against sheep mulesing. The country, known for its sheep farming and wool exports, has officially prohibited the practice following increased pressure from animal welfare groups and major clothing companies. Mulesing is a common practice among sheep farmers that involves cutting a portion of skin from […]
The common practice of tail docking will be banned for dogs and cattle in New Zealand, thanks to new regulations introduced by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Tail docking is the act of removing an animals tail; it is thought by some to help prevent injuries and disease, however, in some cases, the practice is […]

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