March was a heck of a month for vegan news. On the food side of things, plant-based protein brand Beyond Meat announced that it would launch vegan ground beef. Fast food giant McDonald’s launched meatless veggie nuggets and KFC teased that vegan chicken will be trialed in the UK later this year. Celebrity chef Gordon […]
On the heels of recent funding, LIVEKINDLY is expanding its video content across all platforms to reach the growing market demand for positive digital media. “From day one LIVEKINDLY has been focused on creating amazing video content that reaches millions of viewers a month,” says LIVEKINDLY founder and CEO Jodi Monelle. “To take things to […]
A report by Bite UK and UK-based Eurostar Commodities has concluded that the demand for vegan protein is expected to surpass the demand for organic meat this year. Jason Bull, the sales director at Bite UK and UK-based Eurostar Commodities told Global Meat News that as plant-based proteins have fewer calories than meat, vegan protein appeals […]
Veganism and the public’s investment in vegan products are on the rise, but the portion of the world population following a vegan diet remains modest. Despite its small following, however, there are a vast array of differing opinions within the community as to how to ‘be vegan’ and the best way for vegans to conduct themselves. Whether […]