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Tapping into the ever-growing vegan dairy market, leading UK supermarket chain Waitrose launched gut-healthy, dairy-free yogurts. Two soya desserts, fermented with bacterial cultures and fortified with vitamins and calcium, have appeared on Waitrose shelves. The yogurts, which contain vitamins like E, B2, D, D2, and B12, are listed as low in fat, sugars, and salt […]
Leading UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s now stocks vegan probiotic drinks intended to boost gut health. Called Biomel, the Yakult-style beverages are made with different varieties of plant-based milk, including almond and coconut. Each shot of Biomel contains billions of live active cultures, according to the Sainsbury’s website, as well as vitamin B6, vitamin D, and […]
On the heels of recent funding, LIVEKINDLY is expanding its video content across all platforms to reach the growing market demand for positive digital media. “From day one LIVEKINDLY has been focused on creating amazing video content that reaches millions of viewers a month,” says LIVEKINDLY founder and CEO Jodi Monelle. “To take things to […]
Minor league baseball team the Brooklyn Cyclones is set to host a one-night-only, family-friendly event featuring an eclectic night of entertainment and plant-based food. Called the “Brooklyn Cyclones Grateful Dead Night,” the event will take place at the Cyclones’ home stadium of MCU Park, which overlooks the historic Coney Island theme park. According to the […]
A new study published in the journal The American Gut has suggested eating more plant-based foods, consuming fewer antibiotics, and being mindful of mental health can lead to a healthier bacterial microbiome in the gut. The study conducted by the University of California San Diego’s School of Medicine, aimed to identify environmental factors in relation […]
A new study published in the journal Food Microbiology found that vegan kimchi has the same microbes as traditional kimchi, suggesting that those buying vegan kimchi are still able to reap the probiotic benefits. Kimchi, a staple Korean side dish, is made from fermented vegetables. The basic process for making it involves combining a vegetable (typically […]
A report by Bite UK and UK-based Eurostar Commodities has concluded that the demand for vegan protein is expected to surpass the demand for organic meat this year. Jason Bull, the sales director at Bite UK and UK-based Eurostar Commodities told Global Meat News that as plant-based proteins have fewer calories than meat, vegan protein appeals […]