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UK supermarket chain Morrisons has introduced an own-brand range of vegan milks, featuring sweetened soya milk, strawberry soya milk, chocolate soya milk, and unsweetened cashew milk. News of Morrisons’ nondairy milk range spread last week via shoppers on social media. The supermarket chain has offered vegan almond milk and shelf-stable soya milk for some time […]
Iconic American food company, Quaker Oats, is venturing into the vegan milk business. As reported by The New York Times, the Chicago-based brand plans to launch “Quaker Oat Beverage,” a nondairy milk made from oat bran, early next year. The decision appears to be prompted in part by the popularity of Swedish vegan oat milk […]
International food and drink company Nestlé will launch a line of vegan almond milk and fruit juice beverages in Mexico and Ecuador, Agribusiness Intelligence reports. The news of the Nestlé’s new product range closely follows the announcement that the world’s largest food and beverage company has taken a majority stake in Terrafertil, a natural foods brand founded by […]
Veganism, flexitarianism, and reducetarianism are rising in popularity across the UK, with more and more Brits choosing plant-based sources of protein over animal-based ones. But, as a nation of tea drinkers (traditionally served with dairy milk), it may come as a surprise that vegan milk sales are also on the up. According to market research […]
A survey conducted by the Plant Based Foods Association, an organization that works to remove obstacles for vegan businesses to prompt a fair and competitive marketplace, has revealed that 78 percent of consumers who drink cow’s milk also use the term “milk” for dairy-free beverages. “Alternative names for #plantbased milks are confusing and unnecessary,” wrote […]
In the labeling war against vegan dairy alternatives, Stephen Colbert has swooped in to add some much needed comic relief. In a “The Late Show” segment last night, he unleashed his famous sarcasm against the issue, mocking certain members of the FDA who have made it their mission to ban the use of milk as […]
Oat milk is a rising trend in the US, but in Europe, particularly Nordic countries, plant-based oat beverages have been the norm for some time. One family-run Finnish food and beverage company, Kaslink, is capitalizing on the rising popularity of oat milk, shifting its dairy-based focused to more vegan-friendly products. Although based in Finland, Kaslink […]

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