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A survey conducted by the Plant Based Foods Association, an organization that works to remove obstacles for vegan businesses to prompt a fair and competitive marketplace, has revealed that 78 percent of consumers who drink cow’s milk also use the term “milk” for dairy-free beverages. “Alternative names for #plantbased milks are confusing and unnecessary,” wrote […]
Oat milk is a rising trend in the US, but in Europe, particularly Nordic countries, plant-based oat beverages have been the norm for some time. One family-run Finnish food and beverage company, Kaslink, is capitalizing on the rising popularity of oat milk, shifting its dairy-based focused to more vegan-friendly products. Although based in Finland, Kaslink […]
Southern California-based organic cold-pressed Juice Brand, Suja, has ventured into the vegan milk market with the debut of its pea protein milk range. While Suja is best known for its organic, cold-pressed juice, “wellness shots,” and kombucha, it is fitting that the SoCal-based brand would venture into making plant-based milk. The company’s mission statement envisions a market where […]
Varying its offering of vegan items is nothing new for Trader Joe’s. The popular discount supermarket chain is known for limited runs of products, testing new flavor combos and on-trend offerings before designating something part of its semi-permanent range. The latest to hit shelves is a vegan milk made with almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts. […]
First, there was soy milk. Then almond, closely followed by coconut, cashew, hemp, hazelnut, pea, and even flax milk. However, for many, oat milk is the new nondairy milk of choice, thanks in part to the burgeoning success of the Swedish oat milk company, Oatly. Beyond being dairy-free, oat milk is also nut-free, soy-free, and […]
Elmhurst 1925, the New-York-based dairy-turned-plant-milk-producer, says it has expanded distribution of its vegan milk into several key markets in the tri-state area including 39 Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, and Walmart locations. Several key independent grocers are also now stocking the popular beverages including Westerly Natural Market, the Park Slope Coop, Lifethyme Market, Perelandra Natural Food Center, […]
Australia’s growing camel milk market is feeling stalled by the success of the booming nondairy industry, says a new report. “Plant-based milk alternatives such as soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk are some of the major competitors for camel milk,” the report by Technavio stated. Camel milk took off in recent years as an alternative […]