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Climate Change to Radically Decrease Nutrition Profile of Staple Foods, Says Study

Crops of the near future may be severely lacking in vital nutrients because of climate change, according to researchers from Harvard's T. H. Chan School of Public Health. The new study published in the journal Nature...
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7 Nutrient Deficiencies You Can Avoid With a Vegan Diet

Whether we admit it or not, we're all guilty of a little nutritional imbalance. Vegans, vegetarians, paleos, omnivores, intermittent fasters, raw foodists - it all comes down to the fact that we're not perfect,...

11 Vegan Recipes Packed Full of Vitamin B12

If you're wanting the dirt on Vitamin B12 - here's the low-down. While a deficiency in B12 is a consistent point of concern when someone mentions their vegan or vegetarian diet - the truth...