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The Highland Hospital in Rochester, New York, announced a progressive new study to assess the effects of a plant-based diet on patients with advanced breast cancer. The study is part of the hospital’s Weight Management & Lifestyle Center – a newly funded pilot program to explore the potential links between nutrition and cancer. Although millions […]
In an article on, Dr Michael Greger has warned that around one in eight of us are now facing chronic kidney disease without even realising. This is a particularly scary statistic, however, Greger is quick to offer up a solution. According to the plant-based expert, eating more protein from plants and consuming less meat […]
In an article published yesterday on, Dr. Michael Greger spoke out about the difference between a plant-based diet and vegetarianism. He explained, ‘the recommended plant-based diet is not the same as vegetarianism, vegetarians often consume all sorts of less-than-healthful foods, such as oils, margarine, dairy products, and eggs.’ Ultimately, vegetarianism is a good first […]
If you’re wanting the dirt on Vitamin B12 – here’s the low-down. While a deficiency in B12 is a consistent point of concern when someone mentions their vegan or vegetarian diet – the truth is plainly simple – anyone can get a deficiency in Vitamin B12, sometimes this has more to do with genetics than […]
As vegan diets are known to increase energy levels and decrease recovery time, eating plant based is often associated with exercise, balance and a healthy lifestyle. While the classic view of modern veganism can often be more of a cliché than reality, understanding exercise nutrition, including what and when to eat before and after a […]
Let’s be real, no matter how advanced your insta-stalk game gets, Instagram vegans are like supermodels: they make everything seems easy. But, truth be told, when you’ve got a fulltime job to get to by 8 am every day, sometimes cornflakes for brekkie and mac n cheese for dinner is all a vegan can manage. […]
Men’s Fitness has published an article encouraging readers to ditch meat and replace it with plant protein because it’s better for the human body and the environment. This pro-gains magazine isn’t strictly meat-free but this isn’t the first time it’s promoted a meat-free lifestyle. Earlier this year the publication told readers how to ‘get jacked’ on a vegan diet. […]
Whether you’re a longtime vegan, you’ve newly joined the team or you’re just interested in plant based nutrition, look no further. Regardless of eating vegan or not, it’s always important to know what you’re putting into your body, so that you can function at your absolute best. Here are a few things to keep in […]

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