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Leading a kinder life begins with the food on your plate. Here’s how to eat, cook, and consume with consciousness.

Vegan oat milk company Oatly is opening its first U.S. processing facility in a 19,000-square-foot space located in Millville, New Jersey. Local news source The Daily Journal reports that the new facility, which is currently under construction for expansion, will allow the Swedish brand to increase its North American production capacity eight-fold. According to General […]
Popular vegan oat milk brand Oatly is upping its plant-based milk game yet again; the company is set to release a mocha flavored edition of its barista oat milk in the U.S. The new nut-free chocolate-coffee flavored ready-to-drink beverage will hit stores next year, adding to the brand’s already extensive repertoire of products. The international brand, which many consider […]
Veganism, flexitarianism, and reducetarianism are rising in popularity across the UK, with more and more Brits choosing plant-based sources of protein over animal-based ones. But, as a nation of tea drinkers (traditionally served with dairy milk), it may come as a surprise that vegan milk sales are also on the up. According to market research […]
Popular international plant-based milk brand Oatly has launched canned coffee with vegan milk in three different flavors. Its website lists the beverages under its international section, suggesting the new on-the-go drinks will be available across the globe. The vegan milk flavors include cold brew latte, mocha latte, and matcha latte. “Out of nowhere, a pair of super-shiny […]
On Tuesday morning, vegan milk company Oatly discreetly opened its first vegan ice cream truck up to the public in Stockholm. The mission? To deliver free scoops of its new plant-based ice cream flavors. “This post is rather unfair to anyone not currently in Stockholm but sometimes that happens,” the company wrote in an Instagram post. “Anyway, […]
Vegan oat milk has become so popular that coffee shops are running out of stock, financial magazine Bloomberg reported. Oat milk producer, Oatly Inc., is increasing manufacturing in an attempt to meet demand. “There’s a new plant milk in town, and it’s started such a craze that coffee shops across the country are struggling to […]
This week, Starbucks released vegan oat milk in their stores due to consumer preference. Now, vegan milk company Oatly has been pushed to expand their manufacturing facilities due to their “growing demand”. The independent, plant-based business told LIVEKINDLY that even though the stock is arriving in the UK weekly, products are rapidly selling out. While many […]