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Cargill, a food corporation responsible for providing more than a fifth of the US’s beef, has invested in plant based company PURIS. The joint venture agreement between the two companies will allow PURIS to significantly increase its production of pea protein, which is expected to be a popular ingredient in the food manufacturing industry in […]
Discount supermarket chain Aldi is making an exciting new addition to their vegan-friendly range: vegan protein. As can be expected from Aldi, the protein powders will come in at a much cheaper price than other vegan protein options. Aldi will sell the protein powder in 100g bags for just £2.49. Although many people can get […]
Oscar-winning film director James Cameron and his wife Suzy Amis Cameron have just announced their investment in an organic pea processing plant in Vanscoy near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The couple have founded a new company Verdient Foods Inc. which once fully operational will handle 160,000 tonnes of organic pea protein, making it the largest of it’s kind […]

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