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The Pets and Women Safety (PAWS) Act was signed into law earlier this month as part of the 2018 Farm Bill. The new law expands upon existing protections for domestic violence survivors to include their pets. What Is the PAWS Act? The Cut reports that the PAWS Act will establish a federal grant program that will […]
It’s official: thanks to a recent update, Snapchat filters now work on dogs. So if you’ve always wondered what your pooch would look like wearing a pair of specs, now is your moment. Multimedia messaging app Snapchat introduced its filters to the world in January 2015, allowing users to transform their faces and throw up […]
Third-party puppy and kitten sales are banned in the UK, according to a December 23rd announcement from Animal Welfare Minister David Rutley. The bill, dubbed “Lucy’s Law” after a dog rescued from a puppy mill operation, garnered 95 percent of public support, the Minister’s office noted. “This ban is part of our commitment to make […]
CBD is known to benefit humans, but can it help our cats and dogs? As more pet parents turn to CBD to help combat stress, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, and nausea, many wonder if it’s safe to give to animals, too. Does CBD Work for Pets? According to PetMD, CBD oil can be effective in helping […]
Dogs have long been referred to as “man’s best friend,” however, new research indicates that the animals could, in fact, also be “woman’s best friend,” with females enjoying a better night’s kip when sleeping next to a dog, rather than a person. Researchers at Canisius College in Buffalo published a study last month that analyzed the quality of sleep […]
Aiden, an eighth-grader from Texas, went above and beyond for his latest class project. As part of his “passion project” coursework, he chose to build a website to match people with shelter dogs. Dog Do or Dog Don’t is a simple site dedicated to helping people find their perfect new four-legged family member. Interested families […]