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Despite the thorough and consistent evidence that pigs are more intelligent than dogs and have booming social lives too, dogs are (for the most part) regarded as ‘mans best friend’; treated with love and affection – whereas, pigs are bred, farmed and slaughtered for food. But, do we really want to be eating pigs, or […]
Following her award from peta2, Miley Cyrus has taken to Instagram with her heartfelt post expressing her love for the good work that’s being done by the vegan movement. Using a picture of her and one of her pig companions, the star thanked PETA for the award and continued by saying ‘Living a completely vegan […]
In a recent appearance on an American talk-show Conan, Rainn Wilson reveals he has pet pigs – of whom he loves more than bacon. The Office star’s affection thus lead Wilson to adopt a vegan diet. Wilson talked in his interview on Conan about how his wife loves to rescue animals. Recently, the pair rescued […]
Between December 4th to 9th, a fast and justice camp are set to take place outside Australia’s Diamond Valley Pork’s slaughterhouse – arranged and hosted by Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) and outspoken vegan activist, James Aspey. The founder of ALV, Patty Mark, will be fasting alongside James Aspey, who took a vow of silence for […]
The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has announced the success of a campaign to stop a medical center using live pigs to train emergency medicine residents. The use of pigs to train medical residents is commonplace across the US, and PCRM has campaigned hard against it happening in medical schools across the country. Just […]
According to several surveys, at least 22% of the British public are unaware of the fact that bacon comes from a pig. Over the past decade, studies have been reported by several media sites which reveal some concerning statistics about the British public’s knowledge of where food comes from. According to a DJS report, the […]
Yet another individual previously involved in animal agriculture has reached the decision that this is no longer the right thing to do. Gustaf Soderfeldt was a pig-farmer in Sweden and managed a small ‘humane’ meat shop. Now, partly due to watching videos on Youtube, he has gone vegan and this, he says, has changed his […]

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