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Pink Just Took Up Vegan Baking During Quarantine

Pink Just Took Up Vegan Baking During Quarantine

Like many people in quarantine right now, Pink has taken up baking. Due to her three-year-old son Jameson's food allergies, the singer recently made a gluten-free vegan cherry tart. Pink uploaded a video to Instagram...
Vegan Singer Billie Eilish Sweeps Grammy Awards With Historic Wins

Billie Eilish and Pink Want You to Ditch Wool

Billie Eilish wants people to think twice about buying wool. The vegan musician shared a video starring Pink that exposes animal cruelty in the wool industry. Seventeen-year-old Eilish took to Instagram to ask her more...

P!nk’s Former Makeup Artist Opens Vegan Beauty Studio

Former make-up artist to the stars, Carrie Jones, has opened a new vegan make up studio in Liverpool. Carrie, who is used to hanging out with the likes of pop royalty P!nk, DJ Calvin...