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Popular pizza chain, Domino’s Australia, recently asked customers if a vegan cheesy garlic bread option should be added to its menu. Domino’s Australia posted a picture of the potential new addition on its Instagram account to 1 million followers.  “We know that Garlic Bread has been a staple for our Vegan customers for a while […]
Gordon Ramsay’s new London pizza restaurant, Street Pizza, features a vegan pizza option on the new menu — the Charred Aubergine pizza, made up of Josper charred aubergines, toasted pine nuts, wild garlic vegan pesto, and tomato. All of the pizzas on the menu are bottomless. Mixed olives and mixed nuts, as well as side salads, are also available […]
Firezza has become the latest pizza chain in the UK to add a new vegan option to their menu and it looks mouth-wateringly good! The chain which began in Battersea and now has 20 locations across the country, prides itself on creating authentic Neapolitan pizza that is served by the metre. Now, vegans can get […]
“Australia, we heard you”. After Dominos received an “incredible response” to a petition on vegan cheese, the massive chain store added vegan options to their Australian menus yesterday. The brand teased that the products will be permanently introduced if demand is high enough. Fortunately for pizza lovers, this may become a reality. According to a […]
In a new feature named The rise of the vegans – Are we falling out of love with meat?, Ceren Senkul of Sky News has encouraged people to give plant based eating a try. The article links the rise of veganism across the globe with the rise of the internet, stating that ‘the internet means […]
Animal rights activist and former CNN host Jane Velez-Mitchell recently visited what could be the best pizzeria in L.A. for vegans  – Cruzer Pizza. In a video as part of the Jane UnChained video series, #LunchBreakLive, viewers are shown how to make a “spectacular vegan pizza”, with Daiya’s vegan cheese, courtesy of the folks at Cruzer Pizza. […]
Brighton based vegan pizza restaurant, Purezza, has announced that they will be opening a second location in London! The new site will be just two minutes away from Camden Town Tube Station and will be absolutely massive, capable of seating 100 guests over two floors. The pizzeria will offer a wide range of vegan food […]