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Olympic gold medalist, Stephanie Rice, has made significant changes to her lifestyle in the years since the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. In an interview with Sporteluxe, the twenty-nine-year-old Australian swimmer spoke to her vegan lifestyle, claiming that her new approach to eating has completely transformed her mind and body. Rice secured three gold medals at the […]
National Hockey League (NHL) player Zdeno Chara has publicly attributed his peak performance to his plant-based diet. The Boston Bruins captain made the transition last September, just before hockey season. At forty years old, Chara looks for every advantage to keep up with the younger players. Switching to a vegan diet has enhanced his recovery […]
The first ever all-vegan Mt. Kilimanjaro expedition submitted the peak on March 1, 2018. The seventeen-member crew was sponsored by the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) to raise funds for the Barnard Medical Center. Fueled exclusively by plant-based foods and using vegan-friendly gear (including clothing), fourteen of the seventeen hikers made it to the […]
The Vegan Society just released a teaser video to promote their exclusive interview with Fiona Oaks, a vegan record-breaking marathon runner. The video is part of the organization’s new digital event series, The Vegan Society Talks. Oakes is a committed vegan with a passion for helping animals. She first ventured into vegetarianism for ethical reasons, […]
News has just hit that Damian Lillard has downscaled his fully vegan diet to be more flexitarian, in order to maintain his weight. “I did it, but I started to lose a little bit too much weight with all the games and practices and all that, I had to balance it out, so now I’ve […]

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