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For those keeping up with DJ Khaled’s Instagram stories, you may be aware the star has been making some positive changes to his diet and lifestyle. Through the WeightWatchers program, Khaled has been incorporating many more vegan meals into his diet, which he is more than happy to show off to his nine million followers on […]
Recent research by Mintel has shown non-dairy milk sales in the US increased by 61%, between 2012 and 2017 and 19%, or almost one in five, of the Americans surveyed said they are drinking less dairy milk for health concerns. Unlike dairy milk, plant-based milk is free of hormones, pus, and cholesterol (plus, there are […]
For centuries, animals have been used in the name of science, medicine, clothing, entertainment, and food. However, with a significant rise in conscious consumers opting to purchase ethically, non-cruelty-free cosmetics and beauty products are being left on the shelf. Yet, to this day, medical science continues to use animals for research. From the medicine we […]
Let’s be real, no matter how advanced your insta-stalk game gets, Instagram vegans are like supermodels: they make everything seems easy. But, truth be told, when you’ve got a fulltime job to get to by 8 am every day, sometimes cornflakes for brekkie and mac n cheese for dinner is all a vegan can manage. […]
Men’s Fitness has published an article encouraging readers to ditch meat and replace it with plant protein because it’s better for the human body and the environment. This pro-gains magazine isn’t strictly meat-free but this isn’t the first time it’s promoted a meat-free lifestyle. Earlier this year the publication told readers how to ‘get jacked’ on a vegan diet. […]
When searching Google for vegan recipes and meal ideas, you’re bound to come across some options which aren’t suitable for your diet. Whatever the case, worry not — there is a modern solution. Results for your Internet searches via Google are not random – they are based on your previous search history and your other […]
In Nike’s latest ad, vegan NBA star Kyrie Irving shows off his impressive dribbling skills and creates his ‘ideal world’. When asked how he “learned to do that”, his answer may come at a surprise for Nike athletic-fanatics. Irving accredits his abilities to something simple: “a plant based diet”. This big-brand commercial features Celtics point […]
Replacing just one or two servings of animal protein per day with a high-quality plant-based protein could help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, says a new study out of St. Michael’s Hospital, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Diet, Digestive Tract, and Disease Centre. The meta-analysis review, led by […]