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Vegan Eggs Come to the Biggest Egg Producer In South America

South America’s Largest Egg Producer Is Now Selling Vegan Eggs

Brazilian-based Grupo Mantiqueira, South America's largest egg producer, has developed a vegan egg in response to growing demand for plant-based food. The company launched its product, N.Ovo at the 31st Rio Super Expofood event...
Vegan Eggs Made With Aquafaba on the Way to the UK

Vegan Eggs Made With Aquafaba on the Way to the UK

A new vegan egg, made by emerging plant-based food brand Alter-native Foods, is on its way to the UK. Alternative Oggs is the latest plant-powered liquid egg substitute coming to market. Made with aquafaba, the viscous...
Food Tech Company JUST Sells Over 2 Million Vegan Liquid Mung Bean Eggs Since Last September

JUST Vegan Eggs Set for European Launch

Updated August 30, 2019 | Cruelty-free, vegan eggs by California-based food tech company JUST will launch this year in Europe, subject to regulatory approval. Made from mung beans, the JUST Egg is for consumers looking...