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Impossible Foods’ latest addition to menus has just hit Chicago: The Southwest Impossible Taco. Chicago could potentially be known as the secretly vegan city, with more and more city folks opting for plant-based meals over the traditional (very non-vegan) American midwest diet of meat, potatoes, and more meat. Last fall, Impossible Burgers arrived in Chicago […]
Dansk Supermarked Group, the largest Danish supermarket retailer, is set to introduce vegan minced meat to over 600 of their stores. The product, which was made by the Aarhus based company Naturli Foods, will be making its way to locations all over the Danes. CEO Henrik Lund is understandably enthusiastic about this big step forward. This move began […]
The future of food is much more vegan-friendly, so says the latest news from Tyson, the largest meat producer in the U.S. Having previously invested a five percent stake in California plant meat producer, Beyond Meat, just a year ago, Tyson has now upped its investment in the plant-based meat producer rocking the food world. Tyson’s latest […]
The legendary plant-based burger from Impossible Foods is still in demand. In fact, the Impossible Burger is said to be coming out on top when sold alongside beef- “outselling conventional burgers from cows”. According to Impossible Foods’ Chief Operating and Financial Officer David Lee, the Impossible Burger “is still selling out and a top menu item […]
Maple Leaf Foods Inc, the largest distributor of packaged meats in Canada, has announced it has purchased U.S. vegan meat producer, the Field Roast Grain Meat Co, for $120 million. Michael McCain, Maple Leaf Foods’ CEO, said this move is part of the company’s shift toward achieving its vision of becoming a leader in sustainable protein. […]
In 2017, plant based eating thrived all over the world. On the cusp of the new year, plans are already being made to increase vegan and vegetarian accessibility, not only for those currently following said diets but also for those who still eat meat. In January 2018, Reroot Foods will launch GOODMINZ in the UK, making it the UK’s […]
‘No Evil Foods‘, a plant-based ‘meat’ startup founded in 2014 by Sadrah Schadel and Mike Woliansky, is doing yet more to help the planet. ‘No Evil Foods’ is already promoting delicious plant-based alternatives to meat and sharing with its customers the reasons why we ought to avoid animal-products: its website lists powerful statistics such as […]