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Sales of vegan food in the U.S. now exceed $3.7 billion, according to new data from leading global information firm Nielsen. According to the data, which was commissioned by the Good Food Institute (GFI), sales of vegan meat, egg replacements, and dairy-style products have grown by 17 percent over the past 12 months; whereas total U.S. retail […]
Veganism, flexitarianism, and reducetarianism are rising in popularity across the UK, with more and more Brits choosing plant-based sources of protein over animal-based ones. But, as a nation of tea drinkers (traditionally served with dairy milk), it may come as a surprise that vegan milk sales are also on the up. According to market research […]
Danone North America, the US division of the French food product corporation, has weighed in on the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) dispute over whether or not vegan milk should rightfully be labeled “milk,” CBS News reports. In a nutshell, the debate began in December 2016, when members of Congress, some of whom have had their […]
The Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) lobby group testified on milk labeling issues at a Food and Drug Association (FDA) public meeting about modernizing standards of identity and labeling for milk. PBFA urged the regulatory agency to consider that “there’s room for everyone” in the “dairy” category. “American consumers are sophisticated and well informed. Consumers who purchase […]
Organic, vegan food company Forager Project is set to launch a range of coconut-cashew non-dairy milks and yogurts. The line, described as “creamy and indulgent,” will include Unsweetened Plain and Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Cashewmilk. Coconut Cashewgurt, a type of vegan yogurt, will also be on offer in Berry, Coconut, Lime, and Mango flavors. The products are full-fat, […]
Dean Foods, a Texas-based national milk conglomerate, just announced another facility closure in the Midwest. The Huntley, Ill. dairy plant will officially discontinue operations in September. This announcement follows several closures of Dean Foods factories this year, in addition to severing its contracts with dozens of independent dairy suppliers. According to its 2017 annual investors […]
Southern California-based organic cold-pressed Juice Brand, Suja, has ventured into the vegan milk market with the debut of its pea protein milk range. While Suja is best known for its organic, cold-pressed juice, “wellness shots,” and kombucha, it is fitting that the SoCal-based brand would venture into making plant-based milk. The company’s mission statement envisions a market where […]
According to a new report released by market research firm Million Insights, concerns over heart disease and breast cancer will help drive the global dairy alternatives market to a projected $35.6 billion by 2024. While the report analyzes the dairy alternatives market through a broad range of categories such as ice cream, butter, cheese, and more, it goes into the finer […]