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Serving Vegan Food at Restaurant

Chef Kim Woodward Says Vegan Food is a ‘Must-Have’ in London Restaurants

Kim Woodward, a celebrated chef and “MasterChef: Professionals” contestant, told the Evening Standard that vegan dishes are a “must-have option” in the mainstream London dining scene. Woodward, who currently works as the head chef at...
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UK Schools May Increase Vegan Lunch Options With ProVeg’s New Healthy Meal Program

A new public campaign is working to improve the plant-based options in UK schools. School Plates, an initiative of ProVeg, is working with public schools, local municipalities, and catering companies to transform cafeterias into...

Google Search Indicates Veganism is More Popular Than Vegetarianism

According to a recent report published by Quartz, global interest in veganism has become more popular than vegetarianism. The media outlet analyzed the latest Google Search data to support this claim. Quartz charted Google’s search...