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If you ask Ethan Brown, CEO and founder of California-based food company Beyond Meat, vegan meat isn’t “fake” – it’s actually not so different from the real thing. Speaking to the BBC, Brown broke down the similarities between animal-based meat and the vegan protein created by his company, Beyond Meat. “There’s no mystery to meat,” explained Brown. “It’s amino […]
Major U.S. chicken, turkey, and pork processing company Perdue Farms Inc. is looking into adding vegan protein to its product lineup. Speaking to American monthly trade publication, IndustryWeek, company chairman Jim Perdue said: “Our vision is to be the most trusted name in premium protein. It doesn’t say premium meat protein, just premium protein. That’s where consumers […]
Plant-based meat and butter producer Naturli’ Foods recently responded to a consumer querying where to find the brand’s foods at Sainsbury’s supermarkets in the UK. “We’ve put our Naturli’ Minced and Patties in the cold counters with the other meats to focus on the usage, not the origin,” the brand said in a Facebook comment thread. […]
Costco stores across the U.S. have said goodbye to the Polish hot dog on the cafe menu and welcomed new vegan food as the chain embraces healthier options, Costco’s Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti told the Seattle Times last year. The chain’s hot dog and soda combo first hit Costco’s menu in 1985 and have been […]
No doubt, whole, plant-based foods provide optimal nutrition in the purest form. However, in our constantly rushing society, whole foods may not be the most convenient source of nutrition. We’ve all tried peeling a banana at a stoplight only to have the light turn green on us mid-peel, and sometimes there’s just no time to […]
Kiwis, rejoice! The groundbreaking “bleeding” vegan burger patties by Beyond Meat are now available nationwide. Beyond Meat took the plant-based world by storm when it launched the world’s first plant-based burger that cooks, sizzles, smells, tastes, and even “bleeds” as conventional meat would, due to the beetroot juice coloring. The protein-packed dish, named the Beyond […]
Vegan meat brand, Beyond Meat, wants to do more than just provide a plant-based alternative to animal meat. According to executive chairman of Beyond Meat, Seth Goldman, the plant-based meat company believes that it will one day transform the meat section at the grocery store into the protein section. Goldman spoke before a crowd at the […]