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The Best Healthy Vegan Snacks to Help You Survive the Day

The Best Healthy Vegan Snacks to Help You Survive the Day

Snacks are one of life’s necessities. They can get you through a busy workday, help you survive long road trips, or tide you over until your next meal. Plus, what would watching movies be...
Lotus Biscoff Releases Cookie Butter and Breadsticks Snack Packs

Lotus Biscoff Releases Vegan Cookie Butter Snack Packs

Sweet tooths and vegan snack lovers, rejoice! Lotus, makers of the popular speculoos-style cookies and cookie butter, has just released a portable version of its famous spread. Called "Biscoff & Go," the vegan sweet snacks were spotted...
Vegan Snack 'Hummus Pods' Expands to Grocery Stores Nationwide

Vegan Hummus Pods Snacks Expand to Grocery Stores Nationwide

Hummus Pods, the signature plant-based and vegan hummus-filled pockets created by The Modern Pod Company, are set to expand across the United States, according to a recent press release. Hummus Pods are a frozen prepared snack consisting...
Vegan Brand Launches Range of Plant Based Vending Machine Snack

Vegan Brand Launches Range of Plant-Based Vending Machine Snacks

Eat Real, a UK-based vegan snack brand, is looking to make healthy snacking more readily available with a new line of vending machine snacks. Eat Real's most popular products—Hummus Chips, Lentil Chips, Quinia Chips, Veggie...