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Ditching a single-use plastic straw from your drink is one of the easiest ways to make a positive change for the environment, but should you cut the plastic promotion from your phone too? According to comedian and activist Daniel Franzese, Unicode needs to do its bit for the fight against plastic pollution by removing straws […]
The world’s first truly flushable wipes are vegan. The biodegradable wipes are made by sustainable brand Natracare, which also makes organic and natural menstrual products. Although many wipes on the market say they are flushable on the packet, according to the BBC, none of these are actually proven as safe to flush down the toilet. […]
Trader Joe’s is sticking to one of its New Year’s resolutions by committing to reduce its plastic waste by more than one million pounds. The move follows growing customer demand for less plastic and more sustainable packaging in Trader Joe’s stores; a petition on the subject amassed over 80,000 signatures in two months. In […]
UK supermarket chain Iceland will trial plastic-free produce in a bid to reduce ocean plastic pollution. The retailer aims to eliminate plastic completely from its own-brand products by 2023. The trial will launch at the frozen food giant’s Food Warehouse concept store, one of the larger stores opened by the company, in North Liverpool. The […]
A company based in Morelia, Mexico, is making sustainable, biodegradable plastic out of agro-industrial waste, Forbes reports. Called BIOFASE, the business uses avocado pits to create cutlery and straws containing 70 percent biomass content. The products are extra strong, suitable for hot and cold food, and according to the brand, are the first to be […]
A boat made entirely out of plastic waste has embarked on its first expedition across the Indian Ocean. The trip is more about the journey than the destination, aiming to kickstart a “plastic revolution” in the coastal communities of Kenya and Tanzania. Covered with around 30,000 re-purposed flip-flops, 10 tons of locally recycled plastic were used […]
Education secretary Damian Hinds is urging schools across the UK to go plastic-free by 2022, following the lead of Georgeham Primary School in Devon. The school has cut out single-use plastics such as cling film – replacing it with foil instead – and sauce sachets in the dining hall. Other changes include eliminating single-use plastic […]
In a bid to protect the environment and marine life, the EU has agreed to ban “throwaway” plastics such as styrofoam and single-use straws. CNBC reports that EU officials agreed to the measure on Wednesday. Negotiators from the European Parliament and for the 28 countries involves agreed that 10 single-use plastic products with sustainable alternatives will […]