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Trader Joe’s is sticking to one of its New Year’s resolutions by committing to reduce its plastic waste by more than one million pounds. The move follows growing customer demand for less plastic and more sustainable packaging in Trader Joe’s stores; a petition on the subject amassed over 80,000 signatures in two months. In […]
Updated April 27, 2019. The Walt Disney Company just announced a mammoth step toward removing plastic waste from the ocean. By June next year, it will have eliminated all plastic straws and stirrers from every one of its owned and operated locations across the globe. It estimates the move will cut the production of 75 […]
Now you can use cutlery and eat it, too. Edible vegan cutlery that tastes like crackers and bread is a thing, and 10,000 are made per day. Back in 2005, entrepreneur Narayana Peesapaty had a career-changing moment that now has the potential to cut millions of tonnes of single-use plastic waste every year. Peesapaty was visiting the […]