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Projects designed to combat the international illegal wildlife trade have received a massive boost. On July 2 it was announced that £44.5 million will be allocated to anti-wildlife trafficking initiatives around the globe. UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove announced that the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra) will contribute £4.5 million to the […]
In April, the UK government announced it would ban the sale of ivory in a bid to protect wild elephants around the globe. Since then, concerns have risen that the ban would result in the increased targetting of other ivory-bearing species, prompting the government to discuss whether more animals, such as hippos, walruses, and narwhals, […]
Wildlife poachers in Kenya may soon face capital punishment, The Independent reported. The death penalty could soon be given to those who break the law in an effort to preserve endangered species. The country’s tourism and wildlife minister, Najib Balala, stated that more needs to be done to protect wild animals in the nation. “We […]
Actor, animal rights activist, and vegetarian Ashley Judd has partnered with non-profit organization the Bonobo Conservation Initiative. The collaboration sees Judd urging fans and animal lovers to join her in taking a stand to protect the bonobo, an endangered great ape that resides in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). “Bonobos are the world’s least-recognized […]
Yesterday, Hong Kong announced a bold but important decision to officially, and permanently, ban ivory trade. Now, it has been announced that the British government has seen “overwhelming” backing to make similar plans, protecting even more elephants around the world. Over 70,000 citizens and organisations wrote to Environment Secretary Michael Gove after he launched a […]
Elephants of the world rejoice – Hong Kong has just voted to officially ban ivory trade for good! This trade, which is considered inhumane and cruel by many is now set to be completely eradicated by 2021. This new legislation is considered an especially significant move towards the end of the global ivory trade, Hong […]
When he’s not being an Oscar-award winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his environmental efforts and investing in vegan snacks or vegan meat brands. Not to mention donating US $20 million to environmental-related grants. The climate-conscious star has now reposted a photo which asks everyone to help “save the elephants” – adding to his […]

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