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Green Common, a Hong-Kong based grocery store and restaurant chain, is launching a new venture, The Kind Kitchen, in June. The eatery, located in Nan Fung Place, will act as a combined restaurant and store, but also as a center for numerous events, product launches, and cooking demonstrations. The vegan menu on offer in The Kind Kitchen […]
Smithfield Foods, the largest pork producer in the world, now a subsidiary of China’s WH Group, was fined more than $50 million last week by a North Carolina court over the nuisance caused by the odor created on one of its pig farms. Neighboring communities were so inundated by the farm’s foul smell that the […]
A new vegan pork product launching in Hong Kong is poised to disrupt the massive global pork industry, particularly in Asian countries where it’s the preferred animal protein. Right Treat’s Omnipork delivers the flavor, consistency, and functionality of traditional ground pork but without the environmental impact. Using a proprietary blend of plant-based protein from pea, […]
A new report has identified the “increasing global vegan population” as a “challenge to the growth” of the pork meat market. “Veganism is one of the fastest-growing lifestyle and diet movements,” the report outlined. It specified that the vegan population is booming in America, where rates of veganism have soared 600% in the past three years […]
Smithfield Foods inc., the largest pork processor in the world, has finally stopped forcing pregnant sows to inhabit gestation crates so small they can’t even turn around. Animal rights activists have fought against this cruel practice for decades, with an increased focus on welfare in recent years. The company made a promise ten years ago to […]

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