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All You Need to Know About Sainsbury's Vegan Almond Probiotic Gut Drink

Vegan Probiotic Yakult-Style Gut Drink Now at Sainsbury’s

Leading UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's now stocks vegan probiotic drinks intended to boost gut health. Called Biomel, the Yakult-style beverages are made with different varieties of plant-based milk, including almond and coconut. Each shot of...
califia farms yogurt

4 New Vegan Drinkable Yogurts Now Available From Califia Farms

Califia Farms, one of the leading brands of non-dairy nut milk, is moving into the yogurt market. The company just launched a new line of probiotic, drinkable yogurts made from almond and coconut milks....

Yakult Bans All Animal Experiments on Probiotic Supplements

Yakult Honsha, a Tokyo-based company that manufactures probiotics has just taken a huge step to "empty the labs" and end all of its own animal testing related practices. This move comes after animal rights organization...