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Actress and longtime vegan/animal rights advocate Alicia Silverstone is a problem solver. During her pregnancy, her midwife suggested she take a prenatal vitamin. When Silverstone couldn’t find any she felt comfortable taking — either due to it being non-vegan or full of chemicals — she decided to work on making her own. Teaming up with […]
Digital-first beverage company Après has launched its first ever plant based protein drink. The drink, which mixes a blend of plant protein, virgin coconut oil, and coconut oil aims to address a big void in the fitness market. “It’s our belief that modern wellness consumers, especially women, have been all but overlooked from a replenishment […]
In a recent research study, scientists compared feelings of fullness after eating mushrooms and beef. Individuals reported feeling more satisfied after meals of vegetables compared to meat. The study observed the satiety and food intake of 32 individuals for 10 days. Participants were given protein-equivalent amounts of either white button mushrooms or ground beef. Participants […]
The World Wildlife Foundation’s new summary report, titled ‘Appetite for Destruction’, focuses on the effect our appetite for animal protein has on the planet and brings to light many of the environmental issues vegans have been pointing to for a while. In its executive summary, the report warns: “[f]ood is at the heart of many of the […]
This morning, the Guardian featured an article bidding “[g]oodbye – and good riddance – to livestock farming,” which claimed that our current mass animal agriculture would be seen by future generations as the ‘monstrosity‘ of the age. The article, in a slightly controversial but highly thought-provoking stand, even speculates, “[w]e think of slavery, the subjugation of women, […]
Persistence Market Research has just released its new research report, “Plant-Based Proteins Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012-2016) and Forecast (2017-2025)”  which has delved into understanding of the global plant-based proteins market. The market can be understood by splitting it into areas, including soy protein, wheat protein and pea protein; by form (such as isolate and concentrate); by application […]
Naturex, one of the leading influential natural ingredients companies has agreed a global distribution deal with MycoTechnology – the start-up behind Pure Taste fermented shiitake vegetable protein. As a result of the new deal, the mushroom protein will be a brand new addition to the food supplements market. Naturex started talking to MycoTehcnology around nine […]
Successful vegan bodybuilder and social media star, Jon Venus, shares his simple daily diet to stay fit and healthy whilst building muscle. Jon promotes a vegan diet on his You Tube channel with wife Katherine Moen, a nutritionist who helps with meal planning to ensure all the necessary vitamins, nutrients and protein are packed in. […]