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Meat substitutes are useful when transitioning to a veggie or vegan diet, says the director of clinical research, Hana Kahleova, for the Physician’s Committee of Responsible Medicine (PCRM). Quorn Foods, Linda McCartney, Oumph!, Impossible Foods, Tofurky, and Beyond Meat, are just some of the vegan meat companies currently on the market, and their existence makes the […]
Vegetarian and vegan meat products have become mainstream, a recent report stated. Convenience, affordability, and an increasing focus on health has caused the plant-based market to no longer be considered niche. The number of people ditching animal products is ever-growing. Recent data revealed rates of veganism in the UK has boosted 700% in the past […]
Major veggie meat brand Quorn has opened the world’s largest vegan and vegetarian meat factory in the UK. It is projected to produce 1.33 million packs of Quorn per week, reportedly the equivalent of meat from 1,600 cows. The Yorkshire Post reports that new £27 million facility, located in Billingham, Teesside, was opened by Quorn Foods […]
The global vegan and vegetarian meat market is estimated to hit $6.43 billion by 2023, according to a new report from Research and Markets. Beyond Meat, Amy’s Kitchen, and Quorn Foods are listed as some of the key players in the market, with demand for tofu, seitan, and tempeh-based products also on the rise. The […]
UK leading vegan and veggie meat brand, Quorn, has announced the launch of its brand-new vegan Cumberland sausages in Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket. Fishless fingers, hot and spicy burgers, nuggets and fajita strips are just some of the products Quorn already offer in their vegan range. However, up until now, there has been no […]
KFC has been closing stores across the UK due to a nationwide chicken shortage, which has caused quite the uproar with loyal customers. However, the stores could continue to operate, if the company were to take up Quorn on their offer to supply KFC with animal-free chicken nuggets. The fast-food giant has not responded to Quorn’s […]
KFC restaurants in the UK are currently facing a crisis: they’ve run out of chicken. Reportedly, 646 KFC locations have been closed due to the shortage which they say was caused by a delivery issue, though no specific details have been released. “The chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants,” KFC wrote on […]
Vegetarian brand Quorn has announced an exciting new addition to their refrigerated items this January: vegan ham-style slices. So far, Quorn’s vegan range has been predominantly in the frozen section, with just the five grain fillets being available refrigerated. Many are hoping that quoin continues to expand its range, as currently the vegetarian options the […]