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Brooklyn Entrepreneur Erick Castro Is Teaching People 'How To Be Vegan in the Hood’

This NYC Entrepreneur Is Teaching People ‘How to Be Vegan in the Hood’

Entrepreneur, restaurateur, and Queens native Erick Castro, best known by his Instagram moniker "How to Be Vegan in the Hood" is on a mission to teach others how easy it is to eat plant-based, even...

Black Veganism Rooted in Social Justice, Activists Tell New York Times

New York Times writer Kim Severson has produced an article exploring what it means to be black and in the vegan movement. Talking to influential black vegans such as Aph Ko of Black Vegans...
Felicia from Friday

Felisha Says ‘Bye’ to Meat and Dairy and Opens a Vegan Jackfruit Cafe

If you've watched TV, been on the Internet, or existed out in public in the past few years, you've probably heard "Bye Felisha" a time or twenty. The '90s phrase re-emerged in popular media,...