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Let this vegan chocolate raspberry mousse melt all your troubles away. Decadent, rich white chocolate and tart yet sweet raspberries make this coconut milk rich dessert the stuff dreams are made of–and then some! This recipe was republished with permission from Milena Bozhkova. Read more about her work here.
Honey is often a controversial topic in the vegan world as many people debate whether or not the sweet nectar is actually suitable for vegans or not. Luckily for your sweet tooth, there is a profusion of different types of honey alternatives out there and they’re all just as heavenly as the real deal! These […]
So, you’re sitting in the office, at home reading a book, scrolling through social media, whatever you’re doing – and it hits you — like a monster truck. If you don’t get creamy, dairy-rich milk chocolate to eat right away, someone’s going to get hurt. Sound familiar? Here’s a run-down of why you get cravings […]
Nutritional yeast, known by hardcore fans as ‘nooch’, is a strain of yeast that is grown on a sugar carrier, such as molasses or sugar cane. After the yeast is grown, it is heated, dried and crumbled into powder or flakes; the final product is a deactivated form of yeast, so you couldn’t make a […]